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Where Leadership and Livestreams Can Lead You With Steve Worthy

This week on the podcast, we continue our series of interviews with speakers from this year's Marketing For The Culture Summit. On this one, we have Steve Worthy from Retail Worthy I and Podcasters Live. He speaks about how he was "selected" to be a leader, what it really means to be a coach and Live Streaming's offerings for your brand and business.

Marketing For The Culture Summit.

Discover your path to a profitable brand that creates more possibilities at the Marketing For The Culture Summit on May 12th, Presented by The African American Marketing Association. Join our curated panel of REAL industry insiders who’ve worked with some of your favorite brands, content creators, and celebrities. We explore ways to monetize content and create it. Our lineup includes 16+ Speakers who’ve helped with $1 Billion in Sales and Marketing Deals and 100+ projects with Fortune 500 companies. These are the people industry leaders come to when they need it done right. If you know you're ready for bigger and better deals, Come and learn from those already doing it. Connect with other marketers, creatives, content creators, and entrepreneurs so you can grow your possibilities.

Thursday, May 12th, Join us at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta, GA.

For tickets and information, go to - http://marketingfortheculturesummit.com/

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