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Business of Marketing Bootcamp

Business of Marketing Bootcamp powered by the African-American Marketing Association

Applications for the inaugural Fall 2024 cohort are now open through July 19! Limited Spots Available.

Feeling Stuck in the Entrepreneur Hustle? AAMA's Marketing Bootcamp™ Can Help!

Ever felt like you're wearing all the hats in your business? You're the mastermind behind the ideas, the one who keeps things running smoothly, and maybe even the one making the magic happen with your product or service. But mastering marketing can feel like a whole new ball game.

The AAMA's Business of Marketing Bootcamp™ (B.O.M.B.) is designed for busy small and medium business owners like you. We'll bridge the marketing gap in your company's framework, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to confidently navigate the marketing landscape, whether you decide to work with a marketing team or become your own marketing guru. B.O.M.B.™ will empower you to take your business from juggling act to well-oiled machine, finally allowing you to focus on what you do best: innovation and growth.

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Key Takeaways

Master the Marketing Mindset

Shift your perspective to see marketing as an investment in growth, not just a cost. Learn to identify your ideal customer and tailor your message to resonate with them.

Demystify Marketing Channels

Gain a solid understanding of popular marketing channels like social media, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising.

Develop a Winning Strategy

We'll walk you through the process of creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and budget.

Data-Driven Decisions

Learn to track and analyze marketing performance metrics so you can optimize your campaigns and make informed decisions.

Build Your Marketing Toolkit

Discover essential tools and resources that can streamline your marketing efforts and maximize your impact.

Confidence to Manage Marketing

Whether you choose to work with a contracted marketing team or decide to handle marketing in-house, you'll gain the confidence to effectively manage your marketing function.

Build a Supportive Community

Connect and network with a diverse array of fellow entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. Learn from each other's experiences and build a lasting support system.

A Complete Marketing Strategy

By the end of the bootcamp, you'll walk away with a customized marketing strategy tailored to your specific business needs. This roadmap will guide your marketing efforts and empower you to achieve sustainable growth.

Program & Curriculum Overview

The Business of Marketing Bootcamp (B.O.M.B.)™ is a no-cost, 12-week cohort program powered by the African-American Marketing Association, designed for small business owners to receive marketing training, tools, and support to grow their businesses.

Week 01 — Welcome & Introduction

Week 02 — Foundations of Marketing

Week 03 — Understanding Your Audience

Week 04 — Brand Marketing 01 (Visual Identity)

Week 05 — Brand Marketing 02 (Know Your Mix)

Week 06 — Brand Marketing 03 (Midterm)

Week 07 — Growth Marketing Strategies 01 (Leads, Conversions, Results)

Week 08 — Growth Marketing Strategies 02 (Ads and Insights)

Week 09 — Get Your House in Order 01 (Productivity and Legal)

Week 10 — Get Your House in Order 02 (Financial Foundations: Financing the Vision)

Week 11 — Get Your House in Order 03 (People and Opportunities)

Week 12 — Graduation/Holiday Party

Get the Most Out of AAMA's Business of Marketing Bootcamp™

AAMA's Business of Marketing Bootcamp™ is designed to be an intensive and rewarding experience. To ensure you get the most out of the program, here are some expectations we have for participants:

Come Committed to Learning: This program is packed with valuable information and practical exercises. Be prepared to actively participate, ask questions, and engage with the material.

Dedication to Action: Marketing success doesn't happen overnight. Be prepared to dedicate time outside the bootcamp to implement what you learn and put your marketing strategy into action.

Embrace the Community: BOMB™ fosters a supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs. Actively participate in discussions, share ideas, and learn from each other's experiences.

Be Prepared to Invest Time: The bootcamp covers a lot of ground. While we cater to busy schedules, be prepared to dedicate the necessary time to complete the program modules and exercises.

Openness to New Ideas: Be ready to challenge your current marketing assumptions and explore new approaches.

By following these expectations and actively participating in the program, you'll be well on your way to becoming a confident and empowered marketer for your business!

Program Partners

We are grateful for the support and partnership of companies, people, and organizations dedicated to the advancement and economic development of small businesses and the marketing community.

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Take Control of Your Marketing. Apply for the Business of Marketing Bootcamp™ Now! (Limited Spots Available, Applications close: July 19)

Program Requirements

  • Owner or co-owner of a business
  • Operating business for at least 2 years
  • Business or revenue of $50K or more
Don't Miss Out! Spots Are Filling Up Fast. Apply for the AAMA's Marketing Bootcamp and Take Your Business to the Next Level.