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Grow With Google Partnership

We are excited to share the remarkable news of a groundbreaking collaboration between the African-American Marketing Association (AAMA) and Grow With Google, aimed at creating an incredible opportunity for all those thirsting for knowledge. This partnership aims to provide scholarships in the form of certificates, ushering in an era of growth, development, and unlimited potential.

Grow with Google Partnership for AAMA Members

These Grow with Google certifications have been thoughtfully designed to be accessible to a diverse range of individuals, including high school and college students, recent graduates, seasoned professionals, and anyone with an insatiable appetite for expanding their knowledge horizons. It’s a chance for you to level up, pivot, or enhance your skills in today’s dynamic professional landscape. What’s on the menu? An impressive array of course certifications awaits you, spanning a broad spectrum of fields:


Safeguard the digital world and protect vital information.

Project Management

Master the art of efficient project planning and execution.

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Navigate the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Data Analytics

Uncover valuable insights hidden within data.

UX Design

Craft user experiences that captivate and engage.

IT Support

Become the go-to expert for resolving tech challenges.

Eligibility Requirements

We can practically feel your excitement bubbling up, but before you take the plunge into this ocean of knowledge, let’s ensure you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Dedicate Time: Commit at least 50% of your valuable time to successfully complete the course certification within a timeframe of 6 to 9 months.
  • Explore CareerCircle: Consider joining CareerCircle after completing your chosen course for additional opportunities and growth.
  • AAMA Membership: Be an active, paid member of the African-American Marketing Association (AAMA) to unlock this treasure trove of learning.

Should you meet these criteria (and we’re confident many of you will), we wholeheartedly encourage you to seize this golden opportunity and apply for one of the prestigious course certifications. By doing so, you will not only enrich your professional portfolio but also gain the power to self-enroll in a variety of stimulating online courses offered through Coursera, generously featuring an array of Google programs.

Now, here’s the cherry on top – this extraordinary opportunity comes at no cost to you. As you’re well aware, in life, few things are truly free. So, why not capitalize on this chance to enhance your vitae and elevate your career prospects? These courses are your gateway to a head start in pursuing fulfilling and successful careers, limited only by your own ambition. For comprehensive information and to explore this transformative journey further, we invite you to visit our dedicated website at https://grow.google/.