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What is the Content Creator Economy and How to Get Started?

Content creation is one of the most significant income-generating activities in the marketing industry. According to The Tilt, between 68% and 77% of content creators earn from brand collaborations. The creator economy is worth an estimated $104.2 billion and is steadily growing. 

This article will provide the tools needed to enter the world of content creation, remain relevant as things change, and achieve substantial growth in the market while creating ways to monetize on any platform.

What is the creator economy?

 The creator economy consists of individuals that use their talent, knowledge, and skills to create content to gain a following or grow a business. The original internet content was blogging, and as the tech evolved, so did the formats. RSS grew podcasting, and YouTube brought vlogging and other video content. With social media, the emphasis on images and short-form video opens new lanes for all kinds of content to be created. Creators work hard to get to the point of monetization, earn income through sponsored content, advertising, products, or a specific platform. As social media and content platforms arise, advertising is the most common way to make money. The longer people stay on an individual app or website, the more they can charge. How do they keep people scrolling for hours? The answer is content that people like and want. 

How to become an influencer?

Influence, for marketing purposes, is all about getting people to trust you. With enough credibility with an audience, you can get people to take action on your recommendations, offerings, or give more support. Whether you offer a sponsored product, affiliate link, or anything in between, partners will want to know, can you get others to take action? The best way to become an influencer is by following these four tips:

  • Build a strong audience online
  • Provide interesting and relevant content
  • Network and collaborate with other creators 
  • Find a product or service to offer 

Once you build an engaged audience, it will be easy to create and promote products and earn income. Keep in mind. You want to make sure your content, products, and promotions are relevant to your target audience.

Finding the most cost-efficient software for content creation is of high priority. With Instagram as the platform of choice for most people to have visually appealing graphics on your social media platforms. You may not be an Adobe guru, but find the right software to create your visuals. A few sites that every content creator should know are: 

These tools will help you create all types of graphics and the ability to enhance your photos and videos. Also, finding fun ways to repurpose content will keep your audience engaged. Using the right tools can boost sales and attract new members to your chosen platform. 


The future of the creator economy is looking very promising. It doesn’t matter what phase you are in. You can be successful as a content creator. As Lamar Tyler has said, the gatekeepers are gone due to technological advances and the expansion of social media platforms. You have the knowledge, skills, and tools to build an audience. People want to learn from you. And there is money to be made out here. At this point, anyone that desires to start in the content creation industry has the ability with the proper guidance and resources. 

Let’s go and create! 

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