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Khalil Vinson is the Director of Tech Fest Live. An entrepreneur and techie with a Computer Information Systems background, Khalil has witnessed firsthand the beauty that technology holds, the doors it can open, and the opportunities it is capable of presenting to everyone who embraces it. However, seeing a great disparity between those simply consuming it and those creating it led him to form Tech Fest, an event that would equip underserved youth with the skills needed to both survive and thrive in today’s ever-evolving economy and society. Khalil’s love for technology drives his desire to curate a general interest, but his love for people drives his desire to help them see it the way he does – as more than a technical tool but a pathway to knowledge, empowerment, and financial freedom.

About Tech Fest Live:

Tech Fest 2020 is a virtual learning experience for ages 11+ hosted in Hopin’s multi-level interactive, venue. The experience provides users with a unique way to educate themselves and gain a better understanding of the technological climate they’re currently living in.

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