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Scale Down Your Business Like Fiverr and Make More Money

This week on the podcast, CL is riding solo. In this episode, he makes a case for scaling your business down to be like Fiverr to serve more customers and form more relationships. Michelle is away on a speaking engagement, and before we get back to the interviews, CL wanted to drop a bit of value in the feed to hold you over. 

There are different ways you can scale your business to get in front of people who find your services to be valuable. If you look at Fiverr's business model, it is made to get people in the door to do business with an individual. The price point of $5 is usually a great place to be okay with the investment mentally, but just like car repair, there's always something else you need to be 100% ready to hit the road.

Think of the ways you can scale your business like Fiverr. How can you get people in the door? Is there one problem, one step you can help solve to make value? Finding an entry point to make more connections and spread the genius of what you can do is the goal of this activity. Don't price yourself out of all relationships. They may be more valuable than you think.

Intro/Announcing The Marketing For The Culture Summit 2022 - 00:36

The Value of Building a Verticle - 02:26

Scaling Your Business Like Fiverr - 04:00

Potential Outcomes Based On Interactions 05:31

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