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Natural Hair and Diversity In The Workplace and Being A Community Contributor With Walter Gainer II

Walter Gainer II is an entrepreneur, content creator, podcaster, and natural hair advocate. He is best known as the founder of Boss Locks Media and the Boss Locks podcast host. Walter started Boss Locks to prove that you don't have to cut your hair to be successful. Now he uses his platform to speak to Black leaders worldwide to understand the range of Blackness and hear their stories of new growth.

Walt is also a renowned community member that is always willing to lend his voice, time, and energy to anything that helps people advance. He can be seen at many networking events, meetups and puts in work with organizations like The Black Podcast Club. Walter is a big supporter of the CROWN Act and makes it a point to start conversations about natural hair in the workplace and other diversity-related issues. Walter also runs the Working While Black Facebook community. It's a space where he continuously shares knowledge, resources, news and pushes for people to connect over experiences and start conversations that inspire change no matter how small it may be.

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