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MFTC Favorites List Book, Media, and Entertainment

This week on podcast, we continue our list of favorites from 2021. On part two of the favorites list CL and Michelle discuss. their favorite media in book, TV, podcasting and more

Content has continued to dominate the conversation this year. We decided that we will share some of our favorite content that inspired us, helped us learn and most importantly entertaining.

There is value in diversifying the type of content you ingest. The OG of the media game books always come in handy for branding and marketing for anyone establishing a voice in the market. Podcasting offers the ability to multitask while listening. Movies and TV can show lessons learned from the characters and something marketers are familiar with which is how to tell a story.

Michelle Picks 

Book: Will Smith - Will

TV Show: Love Life on HBO

Campaigns: Coming 2 America and Starz Power Universe

Podcast: The Connections Hub with Jha AllenTea with Queen and J

Social Media: @ConsultingComedy@SpiritualWord  

CL's Picks

Book: Perfect Day To Boss Up

TV Show: Mare of Easttown

Podcast: Cinephobe

Social Media: Tom Bilyeu

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