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In order for your website to function well, you need solid hosting. A web hosting company provides storage in order for your website to be searched on the Internet. Once a user begins their search, your device connects to the server your website is hosted on. Last, the server provides the stored content to display on the site.

Things to Consider for Web Hosting

There are a few things to consider when selecting a hosting company and package. Consider, what do you want your website to do? Of course, it will provide information, but are you going to do primarily video, a family photo album, or a blog. These elements will also determine the speed of your website. Things to consider:

  • Storage
  • Bandwith
  • Pricing

How To Select a Web Hosting Company?

When you solidify your basic needs, start to review the overall reputation of a company. Hopefully, they have been in business for a long time and have a skilled team. Of course, if you are having problems with your current provider you will have a lot of technical questions to ask to determine who's the best.

  • Online reviews
  • Customer support: Phone, email, chat. Is customer service 24/7?
  • Content Management Systems
  • Uptime and backup
  • SSL and security features
  • Related products
  • Desktop and mobile access and user friendly

Types of Hosting

Shared Hosting: If you're just starting out or will operate a small website this is a solid option. Your website will be among other websites on the same server. Shared hosting is an affordable option.

WordPress Hosting: Optimized for WordPress websites. It tends to be slightly more expensive compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting gives you complete administrative control of your server with full root with the ability to install any software.

VPS Hosting: This is advanced shared server with customized resources. Less expensive than a dedicated hosting.

Reseller Hosting: This option is for individuals looking to launch a web hosting business you can rent or resell from the parent company.

List of Web Hosting Companies

Depending on where you are in your business journey will also aid on which company and package are right for you. Also, keep in mind that as your business grows and website traffic increases you can always upgrade. We can't tell you who's the best, but we can provide you with a list of companies.

We hope this has given you some basic understanding of web hosting. Web hosting is a business must-have and a long-term investment. Of course it is important to get something within your budget. You don't want to go to cheap and have janky hosting and you don't want to get something you can't afford and your site is down. If you are new to this aspect of tech, customer service is very important. There are dozens to choose from, but select a company that can fit you for now and room for growth. Good luck on your business journey.

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