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Developing a Micro-commitment Strategy with Vladimir Adonis

Vladimir Adonis helps businesses implement a 4 step micro-commitment strategy to get leads, conversion, and clients.

In 2015 Vladimir decided in order to make a true impact he had to consider leaving his Role as a college executive and go into entrepreneurship. He paid a programmer close to 30K to custom build a dating/dancing website. This would give him the ability to leave his career and go into entrepreneurship

After launching the dating site he had a hard time consistently getting members to join the site. 

To solve this problem he started learning everything he can about lead generation and marketing. Fast track seven months later the site started to pick up and grow. Unfortunately he learned that he was in violation of copyright laws and had to shut down the entire site to avoid legal ramifications. He decided to pivot and started to teach the marketing strategies he had learned to grow his online dating site...

After hosting close to 60 marketing workshops he started to feel confident and comfortable with his craft. This later turned into a full time business which enabled him to leave his full time employer. 

Today he helps his client develop and optimize the marketing process to bring in more leads and make more sales. 

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Career and marketing background
  2. How did you develop the micro-commitment strategy?
  3. Does every business or website need a funnel? How do we determine the type of funnel?
  4. What are the best products to create a funnel?
  5. We connected through your FB group: Black Creators Connect, do you want to dive into that a bit.

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