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Dallas Digital Summit Recap, Validating Corporate Image Diversity and Notes on The Great Resignation

This week on the podcast Michelle and CL link up in person for the first time to recap Michelle's experience at Dallas Digital Summit, how companies can validate their diversity, and recent headlines in the 'Great Resignation'. 

Fresh from her trip to Dallas Digital Summit, Michelle recounts some of the highlights at the conference. As an observer, she noticed there were several opportunities for people may want to present. 

In recent months, many corporations have found themselves turning a corner when it comes to diversity. Two of the companies in particular Papa John's and Tommy Hilfiger have made big changes in the way they have presented their image. Papa John's has gone all-in on Shaquille O'Neal as the face of the pizza brand. It's a move to show that not everyone at the company thinks like the founder and former chairman John Schnatter. 

In the late '90s, an internet rumor was started about Tommy Hilfiger making racist remarks via email and on an Oprah show caused enough a strain to the relationship the brand had with the black community. As more information was able to be verified by the company, they also are putting in work with their Fashion Frontier Challenge. The recent set of winners are as diverse it could be with causes that are bigger than just being the flyest thing on the rack.

As someone who is known for her knowledge about diversity in the workplace, Michelle shares how corporations can validate the work they are doing to sustain trust with the community. Then she gives a framework that makes can help your company have a healthy and inviting environment for current and prospective employees.

We end by looking at a recent Insider article that highlights the struggles people of color are experiencing having during the great resignation. Everyone is not as fortunate to stand against less than perfect work conditions or mentally draining environments. People still have bills and kids and it's harder for some. We reflect on being fortunate to be planning for times like this and even waiting for the right opportunity. Everyone wants to quit but it's never a good time.  

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