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Black TikTok Absent From Top-Earners List, Build An Audience To Be Sold, And Become A Top Black Marketer (Podcast)

This week on the podcast, CL and Michelle discuss the absence of black TikTokers on the Top Earners list, how to build an audience to be sold, and we announce the 2nd Annual Top Black Marketers List.

Become Recognized as a Top Black Marketer (02:25)

We are announcing the 2nd Annual Top Black Marketers List. We want to recognize people in the marketing field that are doing their thing. We want to highlight the people making an impact and creating on the highest level. 

No Black TikTokers at The Top (12:36)

In the recent Forbe’s List of Top-Earning TikTok-ers 2022, BET pointed out that there were no black content creators on the list. This made Michelle wonder what is wrong with the cash pipeline feeding into these platforms? Especially when the numbers of followers and views are similar.

If you feel like you or someone you know qualifies to be on this list, please submit so you can have the chance to be recognized. 

Top Black Marketers Submissions - https://bit.ly/AAMALIST

Build an Audience So You Can Sell It (32:12)

We wrap the podcast by looking into an emerging trend: Media companies and big brands buying other media and production companies. With the utmost confidence in their business model, audience acquisition is one of the most lucrative investments into growing your customer base. As brands are getting more thoughtful about their advertising budget and customer acquisition cost, more of them are starting to build an audience. Still, the ones with the most cash to burn are buying entire audiences to add to their ecosphere.

The question is can you build an audience for purchase? Do you have a blog, YouTube Channel, podcast, social media presence built around a brand that a more prominent brand could purchase? You might already be doing it. It could be your most valuable asset, and you don’t even know it. 

Thanks for listening!

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