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 Black Podcast Listener Report 2021 Breakdown Says Youtube Is Key To Discovery

This week on the podcast, Michelle and CL break down the first-ever 2021 Black Podcast Listener Report. We look into the numbers and discuss what we learn about black podcast listeners. We had critiques and follow-up questions that podcasters would like to know from the survey results. Overall we discover YouTube is the most significant gateway into podcasts for black people, and it's not close. Here is some background information about the study. Thanks for listening!

Who Is The Data From

SXM Media is the advertising arm of the Sirus XM company, which owns Stitcher, a podcasting platform, and Pandora, which recently added podcasting to its app. Mindshare is one the run of the mill multinational marketing corporations that work with some of the more prominent brands. You'll never hear about them, but you have likely been exposed to their work. Edison does many different types of consumer-related industry research.

Who Is The Data For

As I read through the data, I had to check my eyes because I couldn't help but look at it through the eyes of a podcaster. The data intends to serve the advertisers key statistics that will sell them on the idea that advertising on black podcasts is a good if not effective move. As a podcaster, I searched for ways that could help me grow my audience. Instead, the data reflects the most obvious points podcasters are aware of and facts that reign true across media platforms. 

From "Youtube is Top App for Black Podcast Listeners: The Black Podcast Listener Report 2021 Review" Full post - https://www.aa-ma.org/youtube-is-top-app-for-black-podcast-listeners-the-black-podcast-listener-report-2021-review/

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