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Speaker Submissions

Welcome to the Marketing For The Culture Summit 2024, where disruptive storytelling meets innovative marketing. Our theme, "Plot Twist - The Art of Being a Disruptive Storyteller," transcends traditional marketing narratives, challenging you to rethink, reimagine, and redefine your approach to storytelling in the marketing realm. This transformative journey invites marketers, entrepreneurs, and corporate visionaries to become architects of disruption, unlocking the boundless potential that lies within the art of storytelling.

Marketing For The Culture Summit 2024 - "Plot Twist: The Art of Being a Disruptive Storyteller"

Unveiling the Power of Disruptive Storytelling

At the core of our conference theme lies the concept of a "Plot Twist” – a departure from the expected, a subversion of the linear narrative. In novels, short stories, movies, or TV series, a well-executed plot twist captivates, surprises, and profoundly engages the audience.

Embracing Disruption

Our exploration extends to the disruptive forces that cause radical change in industries and markets. To disrupt is to be innovative, challenging existing norms, systems, and processes.

MFTC Summit VIP Brunch at Davis Street 2023
Crafting Narratives as Storytellers — AAMA is looking for engaging speakers

Crafting Narratives as Storytellers

Amidst the plot twists and disruptive forces, we recognize the profound influence of a storyteller. The power of a great story transcends entertainment; it shapes perceptions, inspires action, and leaves an enduring imprint.

Fusion of Bold Imagery Inspired by Afro-Futurism

As we delve into this theme, our journey is adorned with bold, powerful, attention-grabbing imagery inspired by Afro-Futurism. This fusion embraces the rich aesthetic of Afro-Futurism, celebrating diversity, futurism, and the intersection of tradition and innovation. It sets the stage for an immersive experience where creativity knows no bounds.

THE MFTC Summit Target Audience


Target Audience

At MFTC Summit you will have Professionals in the Marketing and Branding Industry, Diverse Industries and Sectors, Board Members and Decision-Makers, Diversity and Inclusion Advocates, Mid to Senior-Level Professionals, AAMA Members, Geographic Focus on the U.S., those interested in Innovation and Disruption, Education and Professional Development Seekers — all across different age groups.

Session Breakdown

Theme Session

Clarity and Communication in Marketing

This session focuses on providing attendees with actionable insights to enhance clarity and effectiveness in their marketing communication strategies. Speakers will delve into techniques for crafting compelling and targeted messaging that resonates with diverse audiences, ensuring attendees leave with practical strategies for clearer communication in their marketing efforts.

Characters Session: Brand Archetypes

Brand Archetypes

In this session, speakers will explore the dynamic roles of brand archetypes in marketing, drawing parallels between characters in stories and the personas of brands. Attendees will gain insights into leveraging brand archetypes to develop authentic and memorable brand identities, fostering deeper connections with consumers and driving brand loyalty.

Setting Session: Navigating Your Role

Navigating Your Role - College, Corporate, Entrepreneur 

This session focuses on leadership and innovation within various professional settings, including college, corporate, and entrepreneurial environments. Speakers will provide strategies for maximizing creativity and effectiveness within existing constraints, empowering attendees to navigate their roles with confidence and ingenuity.

Point of View Session: The Psychology of Marketing

The Psychology of Marketing

Delving into the psychological nuances of marketing, this session explores how understanding consumer behavior and cognitive biases can inform impactful marketing campaigns. Speakers will share insights into leveraging psychological principles to create compelling messaging and drive consumer engagement, equipping attendees with a deeper understanding of the human psyche in marketing contexts.

Conflict and Resolution Session: Navigating Marketing Challenges

Navigating Marketing Challenges — Legality, Crisis Management, Funding

Addressing key challenges in marketing, this session focuses on navigating issues such as legality, crisis management, funding, and pro bono work. Speakers will provide practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and resolving conflicts, ensuring attendees are equipped to tackle complex challenges with confidence and integrity.

Resolution Session: Application, Implementation, Execution

Navigating Marketing Challenges — Legality, Crisis Management, Funding

This session emphasizes the practical application of summit insights and marketing strategies. Speakers will share actionable steps for applying, implementing, and executing marketing initiatives effectively. Attendees will gain tangible takeaways and actionable strategies to drive success in their marketing endeavors.

Goal Setting Session: Crafting Your Next Chapter

Crafting Your Next Chapter — Personal and Professional Development

Focused on personal and professional development, this session offers interactive goal-setting exercises and peer discussions to empower attendees to define and pursue their career aspirations. Speakers will guide participants in setting strategic goals and developing actionable plans for advancement, fostering a supportive environment for growth and achievement.

Presentation Style Breakdowns


Time Limit: 60 min 

Description:  Geared towards all levels.  It covers the overarching theme topic and is meant to inspire, inform, or set the tone for the summit.


Time Limit: 60 min 

Description: Industry leaders share expertise and experience with attendees. These workshops focus on strategies specific to a particular focus and offer actionable solutions.

Fireside Chat

Time Limit: 45 min 

Description: An informal and intimate conversation within a relaxed setting with 2 or more people where audience engagement is encouraged.

Roundtable/Panel Discussion

Time Limit: 45 min 

Description: Forum or format for conversation where participants gather around a table, often without a designated leader or speaker, to engage in an open exchange of ideas, opinions, and perspectives on a specific topic or issue.

Case Study Presentation

Time Limit: 45 min 

Description: Intended for a beginner-level audience, these workshops cover a fundamental element of marketing. Workshops are interactive and allow attendees to build new skills and apply learnings to their own businesses.

Interactive Presentation

Time Limit: 45 min 

Description: This type of presentation that actively engages the audience in participation, feedback, and interaction rather than being solely a one-way communication from the presenter to the audience. 

Workshop Training

Time Limit: 45 min 

Description: Forum or format for conversation where participants gather around a table, often without a designated leader or speaker, to engage in an open exchange of ideas, opinions, and perspectives on a specific topic or issue.


Time Limit: 45 min 

Description: An informal or formal conversation where you are asked questions pertaining to a certain topic. You will be allowed to share your thoughts within a guided conversation.

Lighting Talk/Ted X Style

Time Limit: 10 min 

Description: An engaging, informative, and often inspiring, conversation that will provide insight on a person's ideas and experiences in a compelling and concise format.

Submission Tips

Speaking examples are required. If you do not provide a link to a previous speaking engagement, you will not be considered.

Have a clear and concise session title and description. It should be easy for attendees to understand. These details will be used in various marketing materials.

Present an original idea. Authentic and applicable for all marketers to grasp.

No sales pitches.

Headshots and bios are required for all approved and accepted speakers and will be used for marketing material. Please provide a headshot 800 x 800 px or larger. Full body shots will not be accepted.

No late submission will be accepted. The deadline is Sunday, March 17th at 11:59 pm EST.


When is MFTC Summit?

MFTC Summit 2024 will be held on Thursday, June 6, 2024 in Houston, TX. This will be an in-person event. As of right now the event will not be livestreamed or recorded. 

What day would I be speaking?

All speakers will present on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

Do I get a ticket to the MFTC Summit?

Yes! Speakers selected will receive one complimentary ticket to the event. They may purchase additional tickets at a discount.

After I submit my speaking proposal, when will I hear back?

If you are selected to speak you will hear from the selection committee by mid-April.

Can I receive feedback on my submission?

Unfortunately due to the volume of submissions, our selection committee will be unable to provide feedback. Please check our submission tips.

Do speakers receive payment?

Unfortunately due to the volume of submissions, our selection committee will be unable to provide feedback. Please check our submission tips.

Do I need to sponsor in order to become a speaker?

No. Sponsorship packages are available, but not required. If you are interested in sponsoring send an email to info@aa-ma.org. 

Can I submit multiple proposals to be a speaker?

No. Please only submit your best proposal one time.